Thesis editing and dissertation proofreading services are available for all academic areas, including postgraduate white papers, conference papers, journal submissions and grant proposals. Standard academic formatting and citation styles (APA, MLA, Harvard, Chicago Manual of Style, Turabian, etc.) can be applied as well as special style guides issued by universities.

Designed for Professionals by Professionals

The editors at HKNETS possess in-depth practical and academic knowledge of the English language and are proficient in a multitude of specialities including law, medicine, engineering, architecture, general sciences, sociology, finance, insurance, economics, business, etc. Our fees have not increased since 2003, we do not charge express fees for urgent cases.

• 3,000 words : one day turnaround
• 9,000 words : one to two days
• 13,000 words : two days
• 15,000 words : two to three days
• 20,000 words : three days
• 25,000 words : three to four days
• 30,000 words : four to five days

• Payment should be made in advance before editing work commences.

• We are always happy, free of charge, to deal with any revisions.

• Remember that we rely on word-of-mouth recommendations so do our best to impress our clients.

Our Editors

Our editors have over 15 years of experience editing for professional publishers. They have expertise in various subjects, dealing with multiple theses each year. In addition to correcting grammar, they will ensure that native English is used and apply appropriate formatting.

Ask For A Quote

If you wish to receive further information or a no obligation quote, please visit our contact page to email us and our senior editor will reply with a quote and lead time.

With easy payment by deposit into our HK bank account you receive a receipt and peace of mind.