How to “edit” like a pro?

SummaryIt is sad that very often academic and business documents simply don’t hit the mark due to errors or lack of proper format and presentation. A faulty write-up fails to make vital messages clear, prompt action or even inspire confidence in the writer’s professionalism. Hence, an editing service!

English editing services are at their peak for several reasons. People look forward for professional help to edit their academic and business documents. Writers, researchers and scholars who are speakers of English as their second language look out for professional editors. You may be an aspiring editor who is delegated to edit a document by a company employee or a research scholar.

In such case, the most crucial question that arises is – how do you do it? How can you become a pro in editing services?

Here are some tips, but before starting, increase the font to two times larger before editing!

  • Get organized

Create a folder on your desktop, label it neatly and copy the (word file) document to be edited in this folder.

  • Make a list

List everything that needs to be checked and edited including page numbers, spacing, headings, and so on.

  • Read the document thoroughly

Go through the text to get a good idea of its structure and content.

  • Edit similar items together

Review similar items together – all tables and captions together, all headings and subheadings together.

  • Keep it trim

Ensure that the edited version is free of unnecessary bulk and the important parts are highlighted.

  • Use triage

Don’t lose sight of the big picture while searching for minute details. Go slow, one at a time.

  • Focus on key sections

Pay special attention to the opening pages and conclusion.

  • Save constantly

Self-explanatory and quite obvious!!

  • Read out loud

Hearing the write-up often makes it easier than reading it.

  • Word choice should be examined

Minimize the use of jargon, empty clichés and buzzwords. Instead, aim for plain English.

  • Don’t blindly rely on software

You can run a spelling checker as a backup, but you can’t trust it to catch everything like homophonic words or typos that are legitimate words.

  • Take short and regular breaks

A tired brain can never edit effectively. So take short and regular breaks – get some fresh air or take a walk – whatever works for you.

Remember document editing isn’t an easy task. People look out for professionals like HKNETS that provide services by qualified native English editors. Contact them via for more details on their editing services.



You Can Turn to HKNETS for Legal Editing Too!

Summary–This blog post is about the legal editing and proofreading services offered by HKNETS.

When it comes to HKNETS'editor services, it's not just about editing theses, dissertations and other academic papers or other kinds of standard essay proofreading. HKNETS also extends quality editing and proofreading services to meet the requirements of the legal field.

They have a qualified solicitor on board who holds a B.A. Law (Hons) degree from the prestigious Sheffield University in the United Kingdom. He has wide-ranging legal experience and thorough knowledge of legal writing. He is also an experienced legal editor who can check, revise and improve any kind of legal material - be it for legal textbook publishers or practising barristers and attorneys.

Our specialist legal editing service is primed to edit and review both the English and legalese in all types of legal documents like:

  • Court pleadings
  • Legal correspondence
  • Legal publications/case studies and reports
  • Commercial agreements
  • Applications
  • Proposals
  • Standard terms and conditions
  • Technical reports and manuals
  • Employment contracts
  • Business plans
  • Prospectuses for upcoming IPOs
  • Annual reports and company correspondence
  • Financial reports
  • Marketing materials
  • Divorce settlements
  • Wills

Indeed, practising barristers in Hong Kong regularly turn to HKNETS' legal editing and proofreading services as they are assured of top-quality corrections and improvements in not just the legal terminology but also the regular English grammar and punctuation. They are also secure in the knowledge that HKNETS will always maintain complete confidentiality of their work.



HKNETS is an apt "eraser" for students!

SummaryThis blog talks about the editing services for students at HKNETS.

The careers of students studying PHD and Master's degrees depend on their term papers and dissertations. The quality of their term paper is what gives them their marks and distinction.

Often, students whose primary language is not English may not be able to write as per native English standards. These students can approach the qualified editors at HKNETS to engage their excellent editor services. Such students work day in and day out to study, refer, research and then write their academic dissertations. Even after all this hard work and effort, they lose marks due to their language shortcomings. Although their spoken English may be good, they may not be able to cater to native English standards.

HKNETS has a team of qualified native English editors, who possess degrees from reputed UK universities. When they take care of the editing and proofreading of theses and dissertations, they are bound to be error-free. Furthermore, they tweak the language, syntax, sentence structure, vocabulary and the like so as to make the work more readable and professional.

HKNETS boasts an efficient team of editors who edit students' term papers and add the finishing touch. Their primary objective is to assist students obtain maximum marks from their hard work and research. Employing the services of HKNETS will ensure students' of an error-free thesis or term paper.

What's more, their nominal charges do not effect students' pockets!



Proofreading - is it essential?

Summary – This blog is about the proofreading services provided by HKNETS, a HK firm.

When the content is good and well-researched, do you actually need proofreading services? When I have done all the hard work and research, how can an editor, who probably knows nothing about my subject, do justice to my work?

Before employing the services of HKNETS, even I thought the same. But, proofreading definitely adds the much-needed spice to your work.

After hours and days of hard work, I developed a thesis for my PhD. On the suggestion of a friend, I decided to employ the proofreading services of HKNETS. Their charges were nominal, so it did not even pinch my pocket.

I got the edited document within a week. I was surprised to see what they had done. It was more than running a spell and grammar check. It simply sounded more professional and highly readable. The content remained the same; only the presentation was different. Indeed, it was better! Some sentences were re-phrased to make them more crisp and professional. The academic tone added by the editors was unbelievable. The best part was that they did not make the changes. They only "tracked" the changes, so that I could accept or reject anything that was not suitable. However, the need for rejection did not arise.

I was glad I decided to choose their efficient services. My grades showed it.

As my first language is not English, I am not aware of the native English standards. But, now, I am glad I've got a guide for that too. Now, my hard work never turns bitter due to language errors.



HKNETS added spice to my work

Summary – This blog speaks about the efficient proofreading services provided by HKNETS.

As I am a businessman, I have loads of documentation and business correspondence daily. I am well-educated and well-read, so I deal with the correspondence myself.

During my business expansion spree globally, I came across HKNETS, HK. This company provides proofreading and editing services and edits the document and re-writes them in tune with the native English standards. On the insistence of a friend, I approached them for the proofreading of an important item of business correspondence dealing with a new “international” and “prized” client.

I sent them the work and they sent me a quotation. I told them that I needed the document back within two days. I was running out of time. I was surprised when their quotation was less than I anticipated. What’s more, they did not charge any extra fee for the urgency!

When I got my document back, I was glad I made the choice of approaching HKNETS. They did to my document what MS word could not do. It was more than just “corrections”. They re-wrote and re-phrased certain parts of the document, so as to keep the language in tandem with the native English standards. The tone was improved and the syntax and structure were better.

Indeed, it read like a professionally written document. And, the message in the document remained unchanged. It was made more readable, more presentable and above all, error-free. Since then, I use the services of HKNETS for almost all of my business correspondence.



At HKNETS, we don’t know what a Price Increase is!

Summary – This blog post is about how HKNETS has not increased the prices of its services since 2003.

Everything is getting more and more costly every day and everywhere. Prices of every commodity and service – be it food items, fuel, watches, gadgets, houses, dry cleaning, beauty salon services, mobile call charges, travel and so on are incerasing. We are paying through the nose for everything and there seems to be no letting up of price rises.

In this scenario, would you believe that a company has consciously chosen to freeze its prices for more than a decade? Sounds too implausible and farfetched for sure!

But before you carelessly dismiss this notion, just check out HKNETS for a minute. This editing and proofreading service provider has actually done the impossible. It froze its prices way back in 2003 and continues to offer its services at the same decade-old prices. Indeed, proofreading andediting by a qualifiedand experienced English editor costs only HK$100/£8/USD13 per 1,000 words –the most competitive value in the market around the world.

And yet, you need not worry about the quality of the service in any way. The charges may be incredibly low, but the quality of work still continues to be top class. Indeed, HKNETS offers a fast, reliable and excellent service that is easy on the pocket as well!



Get a Free Quote from HKNETS

Summary – This blog is to inform you about how to enquire about the approximate charges and turnaround time at HKNETS.

HKNETS offers top quality and quick manuscript, dissertation and thesis editing to people residing anywhere around the world. You can always choose to send an inquiry about their, say, thesis proofreading services, by emailing your requirements to Or else, you can even use the form available on the company website. All you have to do is specify the total number of words, your deadline and a brief description of the work.

Do not hesitate to state your exact requirements as urgent jobs can be done even within an hour if necessary. There is no need to worry about the subject of the material either, as HKNETS covers all academic areas, including postgraduate white papers, conference papers, journal submissions and grant proposals. The native English editors and proofreaders are familiar with all the standard academic formatting and citation styles (APA, MLA, Harvard, Chicago Manual of Style, Turabian, etc.) and can apply any of them that you want, or even any special style guides issued by your university.

All enquiries always receive a reply from the senior editor and language expert - Mr. Nicholas John O'Dell, B.A. (Hons) - by 3 pm on the same day. You will receive a reasonable quotation along with an agreeable delivery date and time, for your consideration.

You will be surprised at both the surprisingly low prices and quick lead times offered by HKNETS and are sure to take advantage of the English editing service!



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